Kipp Australia

Why is Kipp so popular in Australia?

Today, Kipp products set standards in an amazing number of diverse industries including manufacturing, food processing, packaging, precision engineering, scientific, aerospace, mining and medical.

In fact, Kipp products can be found in every industrial sector imaginable.

Kipp as a brand has for decades stood for reliability, high quality standards, modern ergonomic design, and state of the art technology.

Kipp Operating Parts and Tools. About the manufacturer.

  • The HEINRICH KIPP WERK is a quality machine components manufacturer.
  • Clamping technology, standard elements and operating parts are their areas of expertise.
  • Kipp has been in operation for over 100 years. They have developed into a world-known manufacturer of mechanical elements.
  • Kipp tools and operating parts are produced in Germany and distributed worldwide. Their automated logistics system guarantees rapid reaction times and high international delivery capability.
  • Kipp product portfolio includes 45000 items. All these items can be supplied efficiently through their logistics centre.
  • KIPP develops the products completely in-house. The products are tested repeatedly in the quality control.
  • Ergonomics and stability are the focal point of every new products development.
  • All products offered by Kipp work reliably and have a long service life. As a result, these products have long-term availability.

So these are the reasons that make Kipp an attractive and reliable partner.



Where to find Kipp industrial products in Australia

Maxiloc Tooling is the leading Australian distributor of Kipp products offering Australia wide sales.

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When you look online for the Kipp tools and Operating Parts consider these factors:

  • Price – we prefer the term “value for money”.
  • Reliability – check your supplier’s reputation, ask for references if in doubt.
  • Stability – look for experienced suppliers who have been in business a long time.
  • Scope – do they have the capabilities to support your business ongoing in regard to compliance, traceability, reliability?
  • Support – how well does your supplier know their products? What advice can they give you?

Maxiloc has years of experience with Kipp industrial products in Australia.

  • We have developed a close relationship with Kipp Germany and convey this through to our clients in Australia by providing first-rate customer care.
  • Our client assistance is based on our accurate and detailed knowledge of the Kipp products we supply.

Maxiloc takes pride in working with design engineers in the development stage of products, with expert advice, supply of sample components and helpful insight into what is available “from the shelf” for design concepts.

This is what Kipp say about their collaboration with the suppliers of their products:

We expect our partners to support the expansion of our market position … improve the function, quality, availability and logistics of the purchased goods. We work together with our strategic partners to optimise the entire supply chain. (From Kipp Procurement Policy)

Kipp most popular operating parts and tools.