AMF 7800B Vacuum clamping plate, Basic Line

The vacuum clamping plate has grooves and suction points on its upper side. By inserting the sealing cord, one or more fields can be defined for the desired workpiece size. Easy positioning with eccentric stops on the side. With lateral clamping rim for fastening the vacuum clamping plate to a base plate (e.g. machine table). Subsequent holes for ZPS K10 (M8) are possible. Bore plans are available on request. We recommend using a pneumatic hose Ø 10 mm (7800S).

The AMF vacuum clamping plate can be operated using compressed air and an external Venturi nozzle, or with an external vacuum pump.

  • Depending on the number of suction points, it is also possible to clamp and machine several different workpieces at the same time by means of individual grid allocation.
  • High holding forces.
  • Universal use.
  • Small irregularities in the workpiece surface are compensated for by the sealing cord.
  • Distortion-free and vibration-free five-side processing.