K0046 Kipp Latches adjustable fastening holes accessible


Steel trivalent blue passivated.
Stainless steel bright.

Adjustable latches are secure locking systems for industrial applications. By exceeding the dead centre they resist vibration.

After the hook is engaged with the catch plate, the parts to be locked can be drawn together by up to 5 mm by pushing the lever down.
To compensate for tolerances or to create enough tension, the hook length can be adjusted using the M5 threaded spindle.

The latches can be screwed down or riveted.
Any catch plate can be combined with any latch.
Order required catch plate version separately.
The retaining force F1 applies to the latch, not the catch plate.

Drawing reference:
Form A standard
Form B with safety catch
Form C with padlock bracket

Order No. K0046.1420721 K0046.1420722 K0046.2420721 K0046.2420722 K0046.3420721 K0046.3420722 K0046.9142141 K0046.9142142 K0046.9242271 K0046.9242272 K0046.9342381 K0046.9342382 


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