K0270 Kipp Clamping levers with push button, external thread, metal parts stainless steel

K0270 Kipp Clamping levers with push button, external thread, metal parts stainless steel. The standard colours are: Black grey clamping lever, traffic red push button. Orange clamping lever, black grey push button. Traffic red clamping lever, black grey push button.

  • Material: Handle fibreglass reinforced plastic, toothed ring die-cast zinc. Metal parts stainless steel 1.4305. Push button plastic (POM).
  • Version: Steel parts bright.
  • On request: Other threads, screw lengths and special versions. Dimension “H1” available in other lengths at extra charge.
  • NOVOgrip product. Our NOVOgrip product line is the classic in the plastics sector – well thought out in every detail. Sophisticated design, easy-grip shape and good value for money. All the plastic elements are available in several colour combinations and the most varied sizes.

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