K0390 Kipp grub screws with thrust point DIN 6332

Steel or stainless steel.

Steel: thrust point case-hardened, black.
Stainless steel: bright.

The thrust journal of the grub screws per DIN 6332 is designed for direct clamping as well as for use in conjunction with a thrust pad K0392.

Drawing reference:
1) snap ring

Special features:

Order No. K0390.06X30 K0390.06X35 K0390.06X40 K0390.06X50 K0390.08X35 K0390.08X40 K0390.08X45 K0390.08X50 K0390.08X60 K0390.10X50 K0390.10X55 K0390.10X60 K0390.10X65 K0390.10X80 K0390.12X60 K0390.12X65 K0390.12X70 K0390.12X80 K0390.12X100 K0390.14X60 K0390.14X80 K0390.14X100 K0390.16X65 K0390.16X70 K0390.16X80 K0390.16X100 K0390.16X125 K0390.20X80 K0390.20X90 K0390.20X100 K0390.20X125 K0390.20X150 K0390.061X30 K0390.061X35 K0390.061X40 K0390.061X50 K0390.081X35 K0390.081X40 K0390.081X45 K0390.081X50 K0390.081X60 K0390.101X50 K0390.101X55 K0390.101X60 K0390.101X65 K0390.101X80 K0390.121X60 K0390.121X65 K0390.121X70 K0390.121X80 K0390.121X100 K0390.141X60 K0390.141X80 K0390.141X100 K0390.161X65 K0390.161X70 K0390.161X80 K0390.161X100 K0390.161X125 K0390.201X80 K0390.201X90 K0390.201X100 K0390.201X125 K0390.201X150