K0410 Kipp Position indicators

Position indicators allow direct reading of input measurement values at a glance. In addition the value indicated per spindle rotation (corresponding spindle pitch) can be selected and the various indicator values are realised by a transmission gear. The position indicators are distinguished by their very clear display and fine scale. They have a torque support that is positioned in a hole on the side.

  • Material: Housing polyamide 6. Hollow shaft steel. Screen plastic. Grub screw steel.
  • Version: Impact-resistant housing. Hollow shaft black oxidised. Grub screw black. Dial black, digits white.
  • Technical data:
    – Counter consisting of 5 10-position dials + fine scale
    – Height of figures about 7 mm
    – Hollow shaft Ø 20 H7 mm
    – Temperature resistant to 80 °C
    – Oil and solvent resistant
    – Dust-proof
  • Accessory:
    – Reducing bushes K0412
    – Insert plate K0413
    – Mounting plates K0414
RoHS compliant product

Order No:

K0410.01002111 K0410.01002121 K0410.01002211 K0410.01002221 K0410.01002311 K0410.01002321 K0410.01002411 K0410.01002421 K0410.01001111 K0410.01001121 K0410.01001211 K0410.01001221 K0410.01001311 K0410.01001321 K0410.01001411 K0410.01001421 K0410.01501111 K0410.01501121 K0410.01501211 K0410.01501221 K0410.01501311 K0410.01501321 K0410.01501411 K0410.01501421 K0410.02001111 K0410.02001121 K0410.02001211 K0410.02001221 K0410.02001311 K0410.02001321 K0410.02001411 K0410.02001421 K0410.02501111 K0410.02501121 K0410.02501211 K0410.02501221 K0410.02501311 K0410.02501321 K0410.02501411 K0410.02501421 K0410.03001111 K0410.03001121 K0410.03001211 K0410.03001221 K0410.03001311 K0410.03001321 K0410.03001411 K0410.03001421 K0410.04001111 K0410.04001121 K0410.04001211 K0410.04001221 K0410.04001311 K0410.04001321 K0410.04001411 K0410.04001421 K0410.05001111 K0410.05001121 K0410.05001211 K0410.05001221 K0410.05001311 K0410.05001321 K0410.05001411 K0410.05001421 K0410.06001111 K0410.06001121 K0410.06001211 K0410.06001221 K0410.06001311 K0410.06001321 K0410.06001411 K0410.06001421 K0410.10001111 K0410.10001121 K0410.10001211 K0410.10001221 K0410.10001311 K0410.10001321 K0410.10001411 K0410.10001421 K0410.01002112 K0410.01002122 K0410.01002212 K0410.01002222 K0410.01002312 K0410.01002322 K0410.01002412 K0410.01002422 K0410.01001112 K0410.01001122 K0410.01001212 K0410.01001222 K0410.01001312 K0410.01001322 K0410.01001412 K0410.01001422 K0410.01501112 K0410.01501122 K0410.01501212 K0410.01501222 K0410.01501312 K0410.01501322 K0410.01501412 K0410.01501422 K0410.02001112 K0410.02001122 K0410.02001212 K0410.02001222 K0410.02001312 K0410.02001322 K0410.02001412 K0410.02001422 K0410.02501112 K0410.02501122 K0410.02501212 K0410.02501222 K0410.02501312 K0410.02501322 K0410.02501412 K0410.02501422 K0410.03001112 K0410.03001122 K0410.03001212 K0410.03001222 K0410.03001312 K0410.03001322 K0410.03001412 K0410.03001422 K0410.04001112 K0410.04001122 K0410.04001212 K0410.04001222 K0410.04001312 K0410.04001322 K0410.04001412 K0410.04001422 K0410.05001112 K0410.05001122 K0410.05001212 K0410.05001222 K0410.05001312 K0410.05001322 K0410.05001412 K0410.05001422 K0410.06001112 K0410.06001122 K0410.06001212 K0410.06001222 K0410.06001312 K0410.06001322 K0410.06001412 K0410.06001422 K0410.10001112 K0410.10001122 K0410.10001212 K0410.10001222 K0410.10001312 K0410.10001322 K0410.10001412 K0410.10001422