K0495 Kipp linear actuators, stainless steel

DIN EN 10305 precision tube, stainless steel 1.4301
Trapezoidal thread spindle, right-hand thread, rolled, stainless steel 1.4301

Medium speed range, self-locking.

On request:
Left-hand thread, 2 drive cones, other travels or handwheels.

– Guides, stainless steel, K0496, K0498, K0499
– Clamping elements of the tubular connection system

Functional principle:
A rotating movement of the threaded spindle is converted into a linear movement of the guide carriage.

Special features:

Order No. K0495.1300101X300 K0495.1300101X500 K0495.1300101X800 K0495.1400101X300 K0495.1400101X500 K0495.1400101X800 K0495.1400101X1000