K0539 Kipp telescopic slides full extension, seperable, loading up to 40 kg

Slides steel.
Ball cages steel and plastic.
Balls C-steel.

Slides bright chromed.
Balls hardened.

For telescopic slides with full extension, the travel is equal to the overall length, which guarantees more comfort and accessibility. Separable internal slides allow the detachment of inner and outer profiles. Interlocks in closed position. The dynamic load capacity of the telescopic slides indicates the maximum load rating of a vertically mounted slide pair when the entire extension length is used. The specified load-bearing capacities refer to the maximum value at 50,000 cycles.

All telescopic rails are tested to DIN EN 15338.

Special features:

Order No. K0539.10300 K0539.10350 K0539.10400 K0539.10450 K0539.10500 K0539.10550 K0539.10600