K0639 Kipp Cam-action indexing plungers

Material: Handle 1.0503. Pin steel grade 5.8. Sleeve 1.0403 weldable.
Version: Black oxidised. Pin hardened and ground.
Note: Cam-action indexing plungers are used when the indexing pin should not project all the time. Turning the handle through 180° retracts the pin.
A notch ensures that the handle remains in this position.
To weld the plungers we recommend inert gas shielded welding with TIG welding equipment.

Order No. K0639.080410 K0639.080510 K0639.080610 K0639.080512 K0639.080612 K0639.080812 K0639.080616 K0639.080816 K0639.081016 K0639.080820 K0639.081020 K0639.081220 K0639.090410 K0639.090510 K0639.090610 K0639.090512 K0639.090612 K0639.090812 K0639.090616 K0639.090816 K0639.091016 K0639.090820 K0639.091020 K0639.091220  

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