K0647 Kipp cam levers adjustable external thread, stainless steel

K0647 Kipp adjustable stainless steel cam levers with external thread. Adjustable cam levers are used if the position of the lever relative to the axis of tension only permits one specific position (interference circle). The exact position of the lever is adjusted using a screwdriver on the fine thread setscrew.

  • Material: Handles 1.4308 stainless steel. Thrust washer plastic PA 66 GF 35-X, fibreglass reinforced. Hinge pin, washer and screw 1.4305 stainless steel.
  • Version: Handle electropolished or blasted. Thrust washer black. Hinge pin, washer and screw bright.
  • Norte: Plastics are subject to creeping under load (retardation).
  • Stainless Steel Products – Products marked with this symbol are made of stainless steel. The austenitic alloy 1.4305 is mainly used here.

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