K0705 Kipp Shoulder screws similar to DIN ISO 7379

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Product Specification Datasheet for K0705 Kipp Shoulder screws similar to DIN ISO 7379

K0705 Kipp Shoulder screws similar to DIN ISO 7379

Material:Steel or stainless steel (A 2)

Version:Grade 12.9. Shaft OD ground and bright.
Bright stainless steel or tempered steel.

Note:Hexagon socket head shoulder screws are precision construction elements for many applications. As they can simplify complicated constructions, they are frequently chosen as the most cost-effective solution. Shoulder screws provide the decisive rationalising effect required today.

Order No. K0705.04X06 K0705.04X08 K0705.04X10 K0705.04X12 K0705.04X16 K0705.04X20 K0705.05X08 K0705.05X10 K0705.05X16 K0705.05X20 K0705.05X30 K0705.05X40 K0705.06X16 K0705.06X20 K0705.06X25 K0705.06X30 K0705.06X40 K0705.06X50 K0705.06X60 K0705.08X20 K0705.08X25 K0705.08X30 K0705.08X40 K0705.08X50 K0705.08X60 K0705.10X16 K0705.10X20 K0705.10X25 K0705.10X30 K0705.10X40 K0705.10X50 K0705.10X60 K0705.10X70 K0705.10X80 K0705.12X16 K0705.12X20 K0705.12X25 K0705.12X30 K0705.12X40 K0705.12X50 K0705.12X60 K0705.12X70 K0705.12X80 K0705.12X90 K0705.12X100 K0705.16X30 K0705.16X40 K0705.16X50 K0705.16X60 K0705.16X70 K0705.16X80 K0705.16X90 K0705.16X100 K0705.16X120 K0705.20X30 K0705.20X40 K0705.20X50 K0705.20X60 K0705.20X70 K0705.20X80 K0705.20X90 K0705.20X100 K0705.20X120 K0705.104X06 K0705.104X08 K0705.104X10 K0705.104X16 K0705.104X20 K0705.105X08 K0705.105X10 K0705.105X16 K0705.105X20 K0705.105X30 K0705.105X40 K0705.106X16 K0705.106X20 K0705.106X25 K0705.106X30 K0705.106X40 K0705.106X50 K0705.106X60 K0705.108X16 K0705.108X20 K0705.108X25 K0705.108X30 K0705.108X40 K0705.108X50 K0705.108X60 K0705.110X16 K0705.110X20 K0705.110X25 K0705.110X30 K0705.110X40 K0705.110X50 K0705.110X60 K0705.110X70 K0705.110X80 K0705.112X16 K0705.112X20 K0705.112X25 K0705.112X30 K0705.112X40 K0705.112X50 K0705.112X60 K0705.112X70 K0705.112X80 K0705.112X90 K0705.112X100 K0705.116X30 K0705.116X40 K0705.116X50 K0705.116X60 K0705.116X70 K0705.116X80 K0705.116X90 K0705.116X100 K0705.116X120 K0705.120X30 K0705.120X40 K0705.120X50 K0705.120X60 K0705.120X70 K0705.120X80 K0705.120X90 K0705.120X100 K0705.120X120