K0792 Kipp Ball lock pins with L-grip, self-locking


Grip black or traffic red RAL 3020.
Stainless steel bright.

Kipp Ball lock pins are used for quick and easy fastening and joining of parts and workpieces. The two balls are disengaged by pressing the push button and the pin can be slipped into holes in the workpieces. Release the button to lock the balls and secure the connection. An option for connecting a retaining cable is provided.

Shear force double-shear (F) = S · τ aB max.


Bushes for ball lock pins K0724
Safety spiral cable K0367
Retaining cable with loop K0367
Key ring K0367

Order No. K0792.112605010 K0792.112605015 K0792.112605020 K0792.112605025 K0792.112605030 K0792.112606010 K0792.112606015 K0792.112606020 K0792.112606025 K0792.112606030 K0792.112606035 K0792.112606040 K0792.112606045 K0792.112606050 K0792.113508020 K0792.113508025 K0792.113508030 K0792.113508035 K0792.113508040 K0792.113508045 K0792.113508050 K0792.113510020 K0792.113510025 K0792.113510030 K0792.113510035 K0792.113510040 K0792.113510045 K0792.113510050 K0792.1135100 K0792.114712025 K0792.114712030 K0792.114712035 K0792.114712040 K0792.11471205 K0792.114712050 K0792.114712060 K0792.114712070 K0792.114712080 K0792.114716030 K0792.114716035 K0792.114716040 K0792.114716045 K0792.114716050 K0792.114716060 K0792.114716070 K0792.114716080 K0792.11842605010 K0792.11842605015 K0792.1184260500 K0792.11842605025 K0792.11842605030 K0792.11842606010 K0792.11842606015 K0792.11842606020 K0792.11842606025 K0792.11842606030 K0792.11842606035 K0792.11842606040 K0792.11842606045 K0792.11842606050 K0792.11843508020 K0792.11843508025 K0792.11843508030 K0792.11843508035 K0792.11843508040 K0792.11843508045  K0792.11843508050 K0792.11843510020 K0792.11843510025 K0792.11843510030 K0792.11843510035 K0792.11843510040 K0792.11843510045 K0792.11843510050 K0792.11843510060 K0792.11844712025 K0792.11844712030 K0792.11844712035 K0792.11844712040 K0792.11844712045 K0792.11844712050 K0792.11844712060 K0792.11844712070 K0792.11844712080 K0792.11844716030 K0792.11844716035 K0792.11844716040 K0792.11844716045 K0792.11844716050 K0792.11844716060 K0792.11844716070 K0792.11844716080