K0980 Kipp Triangular grips 2K ergonomic


Version: Steel trivalent blue passivated.
Stainless steel, bright.

Note: The colour combinations
graphite black RAL 9011 (hard components) and
black grey RAL 7021 (soft components)
are supplied as standard.

The soft components ensure a non-slip grip of the operating part. The closed design offers sufficient protection against dirt.

On request: Further colour combinations.

Special features:

Order No. K0980.5008 K0980.5010 K0980.6308 K0980.6310 K0980.05008 K0980.05010 K0980.06308 K0980.06310 K0980.5008X20 K0980.5008X25 K0980.5008X30 K0980.5008X40 K0980.5010X20 K0980.5010X25 K0980.5010X30 K0980.5010X40 K0980.6308X20 K0980.6308X25 K0980.6308X30 K0980.6308X40 K0980.6310X20 K0980.6310X25 K0980.6310X30 K0980.6310X40 K0980.05008X20 K0980.05008X25 K0980.05008X30 K0980.05008X40 K0980.05010X20 K0980.05010X25 K0980.05010X30 K0980.05010X40 K0980.06308X20 K0980.06308X25 K0980.06308X30K0980.06308X40 K0980.06310X20 K0980.06310X25 K0980.06310X30 K0980.06310X40