K1303 Kipp Levelling feet in Hygienic DESIGN

Foot plate and threaded spindle stainless steel 1.4301.
Rubber base (NBR) Shore 85 +/-5, FDA tested.
Rubber seal, silicone, FDA tested.
Foot plate, high-gloss polished.
Threaded spindle, bright.
Rubber base, black.
Rubber seal, blue.
Certified according to 3-A Sanitary Standard 88-00.
The high surface quality, the double sealing of the thread and the special seal on the
machine foot’s spindle joint prevent dirt from sticking and reduce cleaning times to a
The machine foot is supplied with the 3-A logo.
The machine foot is particularly suitable for machines, plants and appliances in the
foodstuff industry, breweries, dairies, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.
Hygienic USIT® sealing and shim washer K1491.
Hexagon cap nut with collar K1493.
Drawing reference:
1) Adjustment range

Order No. K1303.108016X140 K1303.108016X190 K1303.108020X140 K1303.108020X190 K1303.108024X140 K1303.108024X190 K1303.110016X140 K1303.110016X190 K1303.110020X140 K1303.110020X190 K1303.110024X140 K1303.110024X190 K1303.112016X140 K1303.112016X190 K1303.112020X140 K1303.112020X190 K1303.112024X140 K1303.112024X190 K1303.208016X140 K1303.208016X190 K1303.208020X140 K1303.208020X190 K1303.208024X140 K1303.208024X190 K1303.210016X140 K1303.210016X190 K1303.210020X140 K1303.210020X190 K1303.210024X140 K1303.210024X190