K1364 Kipp pull handles for Hygienic USIT sealing and shim washer Freudenberg process seals

Stainless steel 1.4404.

High-gloss polished.

Solid pull handles, polished overall to a high gloss. The resulting surface finish of less than Ra 0.8 µm allows residue from products or cleaners to seldom adhere. This, together with the large radii make the handle extremely easy to clean.
Through the optionally available support disc, the contact surface i.e. the transferable force is considerably increased.
Screwing on directly or using the intermediate support disc is carried out using the Hygienic USIT® sealing washer from Freudenberg Process Seals. The as normal time-consuming welding of the handle, grinding and polishing the weld is not required. All fastening points and the screw-on surface are hygienically handled.

On request:
External threads, inch threads, longer and higher versions.

Hygienic USIT® sealing and shim washer K1491 for the screw-on surface and the support disc.

Special features:

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