K1415 Kipp Ball lock pins stainless steel, with headend lock

Grip black.
Stainless steel bright.

Kipp Ball lock pins are used for quick and easy fastening and joining of components.
The two balls are disengaged by pressing the push button and the pin can be slipped into holes in the workpieces. Release the button to lock the balls and secure the connection.

Shear force double-shear (F) = S · τ aB max.

Wide connections possible.
The pin length does not need to be coordinated with the component width.

Order No. K1415.102605050 K1415.102605100 K1415.102605150 K1415.102606050 K1415.102606100 K1415.102606150 K1415.103508100 K1415.103508150 K1415.103508200 K1415.103510100 K1415.103510150 K1415.103510200 K1415.104712150 K1415.104712200 K1415.10471250 K1415.104716150 K1415.104716200 K1415.104716250