K1470 Kipp plastic safety cylinder grips, auto-return

K1470 Kipp plastic safety cylinder grips with auto-return. Cylindrical grips are supplied assembled and can be screwed onto handwheels, crank handles, etc. The grooves and conical shape ensure that the cylindrical grips have optimised
haptics and good grip. The auto-return mechanism prevents protruding edges, which also minimises the risk of injury.

  • Material: Grip, thermoplastic. Centre pin, steel.
  • Version: Grip, black. Steel parts, black oxidised.
  • Note: Two actions must be made to bring the safety cylinder grip into an operating position:
    – Swing the grip out around the pivot shaft until it stops (90°).
    – Push the grip in an axial direction into the lock position.
    The grip swivels back automatically after releasing. The hole D3 is used as a location hole.
  • Advantages: Optimised haptics and good grip. Grips for handwheels and cranks. Self-righting after release. Various thread sizes.
Kipp NOVOgrip plastic products RoHS compliant product
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  • RoHS compliant products: Products marked with this symbol are compliant with the EU directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS).