K1505 Kipp clamping pin, steel or stainless steel with clamping angle

Handle die-cast zinc acc. to DIN EN 12844.
Clamping angle die-cast zinc.
Wedges steel 1.0715 or stainless steel 1.4305.

Handle black, plastic coated.
Wedges black oxidised or blank.

The clamping angles are suitable for fixating aluminium profiles on to grid hole tables or plates with Ø16 mm, Ø20 mm or Ø28 mm holes, e.g. an end stops. Loosen the clamping lever to detract the wedges and enable free rotation and movement. Clamping pins with clamping angles are mostly used in pairs.

Functions also in thin table material (metal: ≥8 mm or ≥4 mm ; wood ≥18 mm).
Gentle clamping in the bore.
Tool-less operation.

Special features:

Order No. K1505.016 K1505.120 K1505.028