K1595 Kipp Stainless steel hexagon head screws with collar and seal and shim washer for Hygienic USIT® set

Set: Hexagon head screw with collar K1492 + Hygienic USIT® seal and shim washer K1491.

Only the combination of a hexagon head screw with collar and the Hygienic USIT®seal and shim washer assures a cavity-free seal.
The hexagon head screw with collar for Hygienic USIT® seal and shim washers isideal for fastening in sterile areas and also conforms to EHEDG regulations, which is confirmed with the relevant certificate.

Material: Hexagon head screw: stainless steel 1.4404. Washer: stainless steel 1.4404. Seal ring: 70 EPDM 291 (black). 70 EPDM 253815 (white). 75 Fluoroprene® XP 45 (blue).
Version: Hexagon head screw: polished.
Note: The EHEDG certificate is only valid when a combination of hexagon head screw with collar K1492 and specially matched Hygienic USIT® seal and shim washer K1491 is used.
Attention: The function of the Hygienic USIT® screw connection system has been tested in combination with stainless steel materials and standard cleaning materials. The user must check that it is suitable for the application in question.
Accessory: Cap nut with collar K1493.Sockets with plastic inserts K1361. Ring/open-end spanner with protective caps K1362.

Oder No. K1595.041X8 K1595.041X10 K1595.041X12 K1595.041X16 K1595.041X20 K1595.041X25 K1595.041X30 K1595.041X35 K1595.041X40 K1595.051X10 K1595.051X12 K1595.051X16 K1595.051X20 K1595.051X25 K1595.051X30 K1595.051X35 K1595.051X40 K1595.051X45 K1595.051X50 K1595.061X12 K1595.061X6 K1595.061X20 K1595.061X25 K1595.061X30 K1595.061X35 K1595.061X40 K1595.061X45 K1595.061X50 K1595.061X60 K1595.081X16 K1595.081X20 K1595.081X25 K1595.081X30 K1595.081X35 K1595.081X40 K1595.081X45 K1595.081X50 K1595.081X60 K1595.081X70 K1595.081X80 K1595.101X20 K1595.101X25 K1595.101X30 K1595.101X35 K1595.101X40 K1595.101X45 K1595.101X50 K1595.101X60 K1595.101X70 K1595.101X80 K1595.121X25 K1595.121X30 K1595.121X35 K1595.121X40 K1595.121X45 K1595.121X50 K1595.121X60 K1595.121X70 K1595.121X80 K1595.161X30 K1595.161X35 K1595.161X40 K1595.161X45 K1595.161X50 K1595.161X60 K1595.161X70 K1595.161X80 K1595.042X8 K1595.042X10 K1595.042X12 K1595.042X16 K1595.042X20 K1595.042X25 K1595.042X30 K1595.042X35 K1595.042X40 K1595.052X10 K1595.052X12 K1595.052X16 K1595.052X20 K1595.052X25 K1595.052X30 K1595.052X35 K1595.052X40 K1595.052X45 K1595.052X50 K1595.062X12 K1595.062X16 K1595.062X20 K1595.062X25 K1595.062X30 K1595.062X35 K1595.062X40 K1595.062X45 K1595.062X50 K1595.062X60 K1595.082X16 K1595.082X20 K1595.082X25 K1595.082X30 K1595.082X35 K1595.082X40 K1595.082X45 K1595.082X50 K1595.082X60 K1595.082X70 K1595.082X80 K1595.102X20 K1595.102X25 K1595.102X30 K1595.102X35 K1595.102X40 K1595.102X45 K1595.102X50 K1595.102X60 K1595.102X70 K1595.102X80 K1595.122X25 K1595.122X30 K1595.122X35 K1595.122X40 K1595.122X45 K1595.122X50 K1595.122X60 K1595.122X70 K1595.122X80 K1595.162X30 K1595.162X35 K1595.162X40 K1595.162X45 K1595.162X50 K1595.162X60 K1595.162X70 K1595.162X80 K1595.044X8 K1595.044X10 K1595.044X12 K1595.044X16 K1595.044X20 K1595.044X25 K1595.044X30 K1595.044X35 K1595.044X40 K1595.054X10 K1595.054X12 K1595.054X6 K1595.054X20 K1595.054X25 K1595.054X30 K1595.054X35 K1595.054X40 K1595.054X45 K1595.054X50 K1595.064X12 K1595.064X16 K1595.064X20 K1595.064X5 K1595.064X K1595.064X35 K1595.064X40 K1595.064X45 K1595.064X50 K1595.064X60 K1595.084X16 K1595.084X20 K1595.084X25 K1595.084X30 K1595.084X35 K1595.084X40 K1595.084X45 K1595.084X50 K1595.084X60 K1595.084X70 K1595.084X80 K1595.104X20 K1595.104X25 K1595.104X30 K1595.104X35 K1595.104X40 K1595.104X45 K1595.104X50 K1595.104X60 K1595.104X70 K1595.104X80 K1595.124X25 K1595.124X0 K1595.124X35 K1595.124X40 K1595.124X45 K1595.124X50 K1595.124X60 K1595.124X70 K1595.124X80 K1595.164X30 K1595.164X35 K1595.164X40 K1595.164X45 K1595.164X50 K1595.164X60 K1595.164X70 K1595.164X80