K1771 Kipp Swivel and fixed castors heavy-duty version

The wheels are particularly shock and impact proof and have high abrasion resistance.

Swivel castor housing with strong fork and base plate, very robust centre pin bolted and secured. The swivel head is additionally reinforced with specially formed and hardened bearing shells.

  • Material: Housing thick steel plate.
  • Material: Wheels PA 6.
  • Housing: press formed.
  • Plain bearings in the wheels.
  • Wheel axle bolted.
  • Permissible load: 280 – 600 kg.

Order No: K1771.100371 K1771.125401 K1771.150501 K1771.200501 K1771.10037 K1771.12540 K1771.15050 K1771.20050 K1771.100372 K1771.125402 K1771.150502 K1771.200502