Norelem 20300 Linear actuators with toothed belt drive and profile rail guide

Compact and flexible linear actuators with toothed belt drive. The body consists of a self-supporting aluminium extruded section with integrated profile guide rail. This rail system is able to absorb highest forces from all directions, is low-wear, and is optimised for moving large masses.

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  • Absorption of very high forces from all directions
  • Optimum cycle for the movement of large masses
  • Toothed belts enable high power transmission with alternating loads
  • Good positioning accuracy
  • Hollow shafts enable variable motor arrangements
  • Technical data: Safety rating IP50
  • Temperature range: -20°C to +70°C

Order No: 20300-1060X0200 20300-1060X0500 20300-1060X1000 20300-1060X1500 20300-1080X0300 20300-1080X0500 20300-1080X1000 20300-1080X1500