Norelem 21200 Carriages DryLin® T

Technical Data for Norelem 21200 Carriages & Guide rails DryLin® T

Sliding carriages with a low rate of inerita. High accelerations and short term extreme speeds up to 30 m/s are possible. DryLin® T linear glide guides are resistant to dirt and corrosion and are adjustable, maintenance-free and quiet. Application temperature max. 80°C.

As no lubricants are used they are recommended for use in food, medical, and clean room technologies. Manual clamping was developed for simple functions. Polymer under constant pressure has a tendency to creep which causes a decrease in clamping force over time (up to 70%), which means that no safety-relevant parts should be clamped.

  • Suitable guide rails Norelem 21200 Guide rails DryLin® T
  • Material:
    Sliding carriage: Base structure in extruded section, aluminium EN AW-6060.
    Sliding elements: Maintenance free plain bearing iglidur® J.
    Cap: Thermoplastic
  • Version:
    Eloxal-coated E6/EV1. Black thermoplastic

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