Norelem 21322 Roller guide carriage steel

Roller carriage with lifetime-lubrication roller bearings and wipers which lubricate the system when moving. By simply moving the centre cam roller, the roller carriage can be adjusted so that it is free of play or has the desired pre-tension in the rail. High travel speeds up to 7 m/s and extremely quiet (faster and quieter than systems that use recirculating balls).

The wipers are fitted with an oil-soaked felt. This felt is in constant contact with the track to ensure perfect lubrication. The felts can be recharged using an oil pump through the lubrication points on the front.

  • Material:
    Race body steel.
    Wipers plastic/felt.
    Longitudinal sealing lips rubber.
    Rollers steel 1.3505.
  • Version: Race body electro zinc-plated.
  • On request: Roller carriages with 4 or 5 rollers.

Order No: 21322-18070 21322-28097 21322-43139