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  • Kipp Operating Parts

    Kipp Operating Parts (1214)

    Kipp Operating Parts & Standard Elements

    Kipp operational parts are well-known for reliability, high quality standards and modern ergonomic design.

    Maxiloc  is the leading Australian distributor of Kipp products in Australia providing knowledge and expert advise based on Maxiloc's years of experience with Kipp industrial products in Australia and a close relationship with Kipp Germany.

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  • AMF Tools

    AMF Tools (65)

    AMF is a leading manufacturer in Europe with over 5000 products. AMF products meet all requirements in the fields of clamping, hand tools and locks. This diversity provides the basis for optimal solutions for every need.
    • Clamping technology,
    • zero-point clamping systems,
    • clamping elements,
    • hydraulic clamping technology
    • collets,
    • wedge clamps
    • clamping jaws for reliable clamping
    Maxiloc Tooling is a sole distributor for AMF in Australia.
  • Maxiloc Industrial Supplies

    Maxiloc Industrial Supplies (75)

    Maxiloc provides the highest quality industrial supplies from various providers. We only deal with a limited number of global manufacturers bringing the best manufacturing tools to Australia.By working closely with a small number of manufacturers, we are able to offer in-depth product knowledge and provide superior product support.