Handwheels, Crank Handles, Position Indicators

Handwheels are mounted onto shafts and spindles and are used to position and adjust machine components. Crank handles are recommended for longer travels. Position indicators allow the travel distance to be measured. Handwheels are used on metrology machines, test equipment, in boat building, armament fabrication and in machine and plant construction. View the whole range on Kipp website

  • Crank handles

    Crank handles (12)

    Kipp Crank Handles - aluminium or stailess steel. With revolving grip, fold-down grip, safety grip, balanced handles, offset or straight.
  • Handwheels

    Handwheels (23)

    KIPP handwheels are designed for manual shaft rotation. They are used as a control element primarily in mechanical engineering and plant construction in order to make adjustments or settings by means of hand rotation movements. They are attached to fittings, machine tools and drive motors, for example to open and close valves. By using the handwheel, even individual machine parts can be moved in emergency operation.
  • Position indicators

    Position indicators (5)

    Position indicators allow direct reading of input measurement values at a glance. In addition, the value indicated per spindle rotation (corresponding spindle pitch) can be selected and the various indicator values are realised by a transmission gear. The position indicators are distinguished by their small construction with very clear display and fine scale.