21000 Roller guide rails

The roller guiding systems from norelem are always used when parts, segments of machines or plants have to be moved along a linear axis for operational, production or logistic reasons.

Roller guide systems from norelem comprise of guide rails with lengths up to 4080 mm and in compact and heavy-duty design sized 20, 30 and 45 mm. Depending on the size and dimensions, the roller guide systems can operate with static loads of up to 5,500 N and dynamic loads up to 12,280 N.

The combination of fixed and floating bearing rail prevents annoying tilting and unnecessary wear of the roller guide systems, the carriage can be made play-free by simply adjusting the central cam roller to the desired tension in the rail. This guarantees precise running, the permanently lubricated roller bearing ensures maintenance-free operation. A mounted wiper ensures clean running surfaces.