NOVOnox Hygienic Hardware

  • Fasteners for hygiene areas

    Fasteners for hygiene areas (8)

  • Handles for hygiene areas

    Handles for hygiene areas

    Clamping levers designed for the hygienic sector. The completely closed grip part and the shaft seal prevent contamination of the lever internal workings. Additionally, the screw insert has a conical collar so that the fastening point can be hygienically sealed with the Hygienic USIT® sealing and shim washer. Due to the extremely high surface finish quality of much less than Ra 0.8 µm, hardly any dirt particles adhere to the surface. The highly polished surfaces enable easy cleaning At rest, the lever is freely rotatable. Unintended opening of the lever is excluded. The toothing is protected against high wear for mounting on vibrating elements.
  • Knobs for hygiene areas

    Knobs for hygiene areas

    The complete surface is polished to a high gloss with a surface finish of much less than Ra 0.8 µm. The contour is produced with generous radii and transitions. It doesn't matter in which position the mushroom knob is mounted, dirt and residue from products or cleaners seldom adheres. Easy cleaning is ensured.
  • Leveling Feet for hygiene areas

    Leveling Feet for hygiene areas (1)

    Certified according to 3-A Sanitary Standard 88-00. The high surface quality, the double sealing of the thread and the special seal on the machine foot's spindle joint prevent dirt from sticking and reduce cleaning times to a minimum.The machine foot is supplied with the 3-A logo. Application: The machine foot is particularly suitable for machines, plants and appliances in the foodstuff industry, breweries, dairies, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Levers for hygiene areas

    Levers for hygiene areas (1)

  • Shim Washers for hygiene areas

    Shim Washers for hygiene areas (1)

    With its highly reliable sealing and design that is compliant with hygiene requirements, the Hygienic USIT® seal and shim washer is setting new standards for cleanliness in the process industry. Many manufacturers of machinery and systems for the food and pharmaceutical industries often use standard shim washers or O-rings for screw connections in or on the product chamber. These are not EHEDG-compliant, however, as contamination and biofilms in the form of bacteria colonies and corrosion can form under the screw head, preventing the design from achieving maximum hygiene standards.

Stainless steel range in Hygienic DESIGN and Hygienic USIT®.
The stainless steel products from the NOVOnox hygienic line target the foodstuff, pharmaceutical, chemical and packaging branches

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