Clamping levers

are intended for manual adjustment by fixation tasks and clamping applications. Cam levers are ideal for quick fixation. The product group is characterised by a wide variety of designs, materials and colours. These classic elements find use in machine construction, tool making and plant construction.

Grips and Knobs

are for manually fastening and clamping. The locking knobs are characterised by good haptics. There are a wide variety of designs for different conditions and clamping forces to suit any required mounted position. Ideal for machine or plant construction, rail fabrication, toolmaking, on test equipment and medical apparatus.

Pull handles

are used as grip elements for opening and closing doors, drawers, panels and hatches, and are used not just in the furniture and sports equipment industry, but also in machine and plant construction and tool making. These practical grips are also use on rehab and medical equipment. A wide selection of very robust and ergonomic pull handles can be found at KIPP. Choose from a variety of colours, shapes and materials.


are mounted onto shafts and spindles and are used to position and adjust machine components. Crank handles are recommended for longer travels. Position indicators allow the travel distance to be measured. Handwheels are used on metrology machines, test equipment, in boat building, armament fabrication and in machine and plant construction.

Quarter-turn locks

can be used to hold closed all sorts of hatches, switch cabinets, metal lockers, machine doors etc. They are easy to operate and very robust. They are ideal for cabinet construction, for all branches of transport and for assembly and logistics vehicles.


are for mounting doors, hatches, hoods and the housings by machine and plant construction.

Swivel feet 


Tube connectors

are components for the assembly of profiles and systems. They are ideal for protective equipment, enclosures, housing and racks of all kinds in mechanical engineering.

Telescopic slides

are used as the functional unit for drawers and pull-out systems. They are supplied in full extension and partial extension types, in part with end-of-travel dampers. Heavy-duty versions are well suited for production equipment, sheet metal processing and peripheral assemblies in plant construction.


are used as a simple locking mechanisms for covers, cladding and containers in machine, plant, aggregate and container construction.

Toggle clamps

are used to hold and clamp workpieces. They find use on assembly and clamping fixtures. These products are designed for the assembly technology, clamping technology, tool construction and fixture construction.

Clamping elements

are used to clamp workpieces in fixtures for machine tool production. A variety of components hold the workpiece in position for CNC machining. Ideal for fixture construction and machine tool manufacturing.

Spring plungers

can be mounted into components and used for indexing and locking. Indexing plungers and Ball lock pins are for indexing and fastening components. Some of them have manual locking functions. Optimum for equipment construction.

Support Elements, Locating Elements, Stop Elements.

These components are used as sure supports for workpieces. They allow balanced support by clamping in fixture construction and machine tool manufacturing.

Machine and fixture components.

These components were designed for further clamping tasks. The range includes Threaded inserts, Grub screws, Screws and Slot keys for use in fixture construction and production facilities.


allow the transmission and redirection of forces. They can support shafts and serve as elements in cross-bracings of movable assemblies in vehicle construction and in transport technology.


are flexible, easy to remove, non-positive fasteners. They are used e.g. on hatches as a safety unit against accidental opening. They are used in mechanical engineering and plant construction.

Buffer elements

such as Rubber buffers absorb kinetic energy from aggregates or assemblies. They help to reduce vibrations on the overall system. Ideally suited for machine and aggregate construction, special machines and in transport technology.

Level Indicators, Screw plugs.

These components are used in hydraulic systems, for example as oil level gauges or for other liquids, but also for containers and lubrication units in mechanical engineering.


help in the precise reading of linear units and guides. Scale rings on rotating knobs facilitate adjustment to the exact position. Applicable in mechanical engineering, assembly construction, special mechanical engineering and in transport technology.

Material Handling.

Ball transfer units are used to convey workpieces. Fasteners and lifting components such as ring bolts are used as lifting and handling aids for movable goods. Used in material handling, logistics, cabinet construction conveyor systems.