Maxiloc Products

Maxiloc Industrial imports and distributes an extensive assortment of unique industrial products that range from modular fixturing components, workholding devices, to standard machine elements.

Maxiloc represents more than 135000 individual products that are highly versatile and easily adaptable to different applications such as; machine (CNC) clamping, manual jig clamping, automation, purpose built machine manufacture, standard T-Slot tooling, measuring, quality control, press shop and injection moulding.

In addition to the large range of standard parts, Maxiloc is also equipped to handle special orders or make modifications to standard products to meet specific application requirements.

  • Industrial Equipment Supplies - Engineering Supplies

    Industrial Equipment Supplies - Engineering Supplies (1884)

    Maxiloc Industrial supplies over 135000 precision industrial components and standard parts in Australia from the best world manufacturers, specialising in  Engineering Supplies and Industrial Equipment Supplies with CAD and detailed specifications.

    Each of the companies we represent is recognised globally for manufacturing excellence and producing components and parts that offer a long service life, superior functionality, outstanding performance and traceability.
  • Kipp Operating Parts

    Kipp Operating Parts (1199)

    Kipp Operating Parts & Standard Elements

    Maxiloc supplies the full range of Kipp parts and tools. Call us now for quotation or to place an order 1300 993 990

    Kipp operational parts are well-known for reliability, high quality standards and modern ergonomic design.

    Maxiloc  is the leading Australian distributor of Kipp products in Australia providing knowledge and expert advise based on Maxiloc's years of experience with Kipp industrial products in Australia and a close relationship with Kipp Germany.

  • Norelem Machine and Plant Construction Components

    Norelem Machine and Plant Construction Components (206)

    Flexible standard part system for practical use by every holding and clamping process.

    A comprehensive full product range of standard elements and operating parts available to designers and technicians. A modern logistics structure make it possible to quickly and flexibly satisfy any and all customer wishes. The products from Norelem are characterised by very high quality and a long service life.

    Maxiloc is the sole distributor of Norelem products in Australia. Maxiloc Norelem product descriptions come with CAD file links and Specification datasheets. Call us now for quotation or to place an order 1300 993 990

  • AMF Tools

    AMF Tools (67)

    AMF is a leading manufacturer in Europe with over 5000 products. AMF products meet all requirements in the fields of clamping, hand tools and locks.
    • Clamping technology
    • zero-point clamping systems
    • clamping elements
    • hydraulic clamping technology
    • collets
    • wedge clamps
    • clamping jaws for reliable clamping
    Maxiloc Tooling is a sole distributor for AMF in Australia. Call us now for quotation or to place an order 0434 657 554