Machine and Fixture Components

  • T-Slot Bolts, Nuts & Studs

    T-Slot Bolts, Nuts & Studs (13)

    K0698 K0699 K0870 K0871 K1145 K1161 K1330 K1332 K1411 K1491 K1492 K1493 K1595 Kipp T-slot bolts, Kipp Hexagon head bolts, Kipp Hexagon nuts, Kipp Hexagon head bolts with flange, Kipp Hexagon bolts with narrow shaft, Kipp compact cap nut,Kipp Hexagon head screws, seal and shim washers. Kipp Stainless steel hexagon head screws with collar, Kipp Stainless steel cap nuts with collar and seal and shim washer for Hygienic USIT® set.
  • Fasteners

    Fasteners (3)

    K1329 Kipp Ball head screw in Hygienic DESIGN, K1491 Kipp Hygienic USIT® seal and shim washers, K1594 Kipp Stainless steel cap nuts with collar, seal, shim washer for Hygienic USIT® set.
  • Shaft Collars

    Shaft Collars (7)

    Shaft collars are mostly used as stops or travel limiters in machine construction. Shaft collars can also be used to easily and effectively limit the screw-in depth of threaded rods. Clamping hubs are used to join two shafts.
  • Eye Bolts, Swing Bolts

    Eye Bolts, Swing Bolts (2)

    K0396 Kipp Eye bolts DIN 444, K1418 Kipp eye bolts (Swing Bolts) DIN 444, Form B with long thread.
  • Threaded Inserts

    Threaded Inserts (12)

    With the aid of steel or stainless steel threaded inserts damaged, seized or torn out tapped holes can be easily repaired.