Toggle Clamps, Power Clamps

  • Budget Toggle Clamps

    Budget Toggle Clamps (22)

    Budget Toggle Clamps range. Toggle clamps are used to hold and clamp work pieces for drilling, grinding, welding, bending and during inspection and assembly. Mount the clamp base on the work bench, put the work piece into the clamping arm, then push the clamp handle to lock the piece in position.
  • Hook and Latch Toggle Clamps

    Hook and Latch Toggle Clamps (5)

    K0078 K0079 K0080 K0081 K0082 Kipp Toggle clamps with pivot jaw, Kipp Toggle clamps hook horizontal with catch plate, Kipp Toggle clamps hook horizontal with catch plate heavy-duty, Kipp Toggle clamps latch vertical with catch plate.
  • Horizontal Toggle Clamps

    Horizontal Toggle Clamps (38)

    K0068 K0069 K0070 K0071 K0072 K0073 K0074 K0075 K0076 K0077 K0267 K0660 K1463 Kipp horizontal toggle clamps, mini horizontal toggle clamps, heavy-duty toggle clamps. With straight foot, flat foot, flat left foot, flat right foot. Fixed clamping, adjustable calming, full holding arm, safety interlock, stainless steel toggle clamps with force sensor.
  • Pneumatic Toggle Clamps

    Pneumatic Toggle Clamps (23)

    6860P 6828V 6285CE 6825A 6828A 6828V 6829V 6820A 6821A 6828H 6820P 6828M 6850A AMF pneumatic combi-clamp, AMF heavy pneumatic toggle clamp, AMF Link Clamp, pneumatic, flange-mounting version, AMF Pneumatic clamp with lever. AMF Swing clamp, pneumatic, screw-in version, block version, flange-mounting version, push type.K0089 K0090 K0091 K0092 K0093 K0094 Kipp Pneumatic push-pull clamps, K0091 Kipp Pneumatic clamps vertical heavy-duty version, horizontal, horizontal heavy-duty version.
  • Push-Pull Toggle Clamps

    Push-Pull Toggle Clamps (11)

    K0083 K0084 K0085 K0086 Kipp push-pull toggle clamps with and without mounting bracket.
  • Vertical Toggle Clamps

    Vertical Toggle Clamps (27)

    AMF Vertical Toggle Clamps with various colour handles - red, black, blue, green, orange, yellow.Kipp Vertical Toggle Clamps K0055 K0056 K0058 K0059 K0060 K0062 K0063 K0064 K0065 K0066 K0067 K0662 Kipp Vertical Toggle Clamps with straight foot, flat foot, angled foot, adjustable and fixed clamping, safety interlock, fixed clamping spindle, full holding arm, vertical cam, heavy-duty, safety interlock.