AMF 7800P Vacuum clamping plate, Premium Line

The vacuum clamping plate has grooves and suction points on its upper side. By inserting the sealing cord, one or more fields can be defined for the desired workpiece size. Easy positioning via holes for stop pins or lateral, height-adjustable eccentric stops.

The AMF vacuum clamping plate can be operated using compressed air and the external vacuum generator 7800VPE or with an external vacuum pump 7800VP. Typical applications are milling and grinding operations.

Supplied as standard:

  • vacuum clamping plate made of aluminium
  • integrated Venturi nozzle
  • sound absorber
  • vacuum meter
  • stop valve
  • 6 eccentric stop
  • 2 m pneumatic hose
  • plug-in nipple for the compressed air connection
  • 10 m sealing cord Ø 4 mm (black)
  • 10 m sealing cord Ø 4 mm (grey)