K0108 Kipp tension levers internal thread

K0108 Kipp tension levers with internal thread.

  • Material: Steel parts grade 5.8. Ball knob black plastic.
  • Version: Powder-coated with fine texture, black.
  • On request: Other threads and special versions. Dimensions “H1” and “A” available in other lengths at extra charge.

Order No:

K0108.1082 K0108.1102 K0108.2102 K0108.2122 K0108.3122 K0108.3162 K0108.4162 K0108.4202 K0108.4242 K0108.1081 K0108.1101 K0108.2101 K0108.2121 K0108.3121 K0108.3161 K0108.4161 K0108.4201 K0108.4241