K1760 Kipp swivel and fixed castors steel plate, electrically conductive, heavy-duty version

Electrically conductive wheels on swivel and fixed castors are used to protect against electrostatic discharge generated by transport equipment or the transported goods. Damage to sensitive goods and painful electrostatic shocks to the personal is so prevented. 

Wheel axle threaded. Swivel and fixed castors with mounting plate. Electrically conductive wheels, non-marking grey. The ohmic resistance of the wheel is less than 10⁴Ω.

  • Housing steel plate, wheels with thermoplastic rubber tread, wheel body polypropylene.
  • Housing press formed.
  • Double ball bearing in the castor head.
  • Plain bearing in wheels.
  • Temperature range: -20 °C to +60 °C.
  • Permissible load: 65 – 80 kg.

  • Order No: K1760.11080321 K1760.11100321 K1760.11125321 K1760.1108032 K1760.1110032 K1760.1112532 K1760.11080322 K1760.11100322 K1760.11125322