K0120 Kipp Clamping levers steel external thread

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Product Specification Datasheet for K0120 Kipp Clamping levers steel external thread

Material: Handle steel 1.0401. All other steel parts grade 5.8.
Version: Handle painted silver-grey hammer-tone. Steel parts black oxidised.
Note: Where L ≥ 60 mm the thread length is always 60 mm.
On request: Other threads, screw lengths and special versions. Dimension “H1” available in other lengths at extra charge.

Order No. K0120.110X20 K0120.110X25 K0120.110X30 K0120.110X35 K0120.110X40 K0120.110X45 K0120.110X50 K0120.110X55 K0120.110X60 K0120.110X70 K0120.110X80 K0120.110X90 K0120.112X20 K0120.112X25 K0120.112X30 K0120.112X35 K0120.112X40 K0120.112X45 K0120.112X50 K0120.112X55 K0120.112X60 K0120.112X70 K0120.112X80 K0120.112X90 K0120.212X25 K0120.212X30 K0120.212X35 K0120.212X40 K0120.212X45 K0120.212X50 K0120.212X55 K0120.212X60 K0120.212X70 K0120.212X80 K0120.212X90 K0120.216X25 K0120.216X30 K0120.216X35 K0120.216X40 K0120.216X45 K0120.216X50 K0120.216X55 K0120.216X60 K0120.216X70 K0120.216X80 K0120.216X90 K0120.316X30 K0120.316X40 K0120.316X50 K0120.316X60 K0120.316X70 K0120.316X80 K0120.316X90 K0120.320X30 K0120.320X40 K0120.320X50 K0120.320X60 K0120.320X70 K0120.320X80 K0120.320X90

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