K0529 Kipp compression latches

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Product Specification Datasheet for K0529 Kipp compression latches

Compression latches are primarily used for doors and housings that require a high pressure on the seal. Right or left deployment. The locking direction is always clockwise.

Vibration-proof, water and dust tight according to IP65.
Please order the desired tongue type separately. Every tongue can be combined with every housing.Function:Turning the actuator 90° brings the tongue into the closed position. Turning the actuator another 90° draws the tongue into the frame increasing the pressure. The compression gap is 6 mm. The fastening nut is an earthing nut with teeth one side.

Material: Housing and actuator die-cast zinc. Flat seal rubber. Tongue steel.
Version: Housing and actuator trivalent passivated. Tongue electro zinc-plated.

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