Systems and components for machine and plant construction

  • 20000 Pneumatic linear and gantry modules

    20000 Pneumatic linear and gantry modules (6)

    Pneumatic linear modules can achieve a repeat accuracy of ±0.01 mm with loads of up to 1080 N. Pneumatic linear gantry modules guide loads precisely, achieve strokes of up to 5000 mm, with a repeat accuracy of ±0.02 mm.
  • 20000 Electric linear and gantry modules

    20000 Electric linear and gantry modules (6)

    Linear actuators with toothed belt drive and profile guide rail, Protective caps, slot tables, motor adapter sets and synchronisation sets. Includes linear actuators in standard lengths with strokes from 200 to 1500 mm. Special lengths are available on request.
  • 20000 Pneumatic handling systems

    20000 Pneumatic handling systems (14)

    Pneumatic linear modules with rail guide, pneumatic lifting units and pneumatic rotary modules allowing to reach any point in the room.
  • 21000 Carriage guides

    21000 Carriage guides (22)

    Carriage guides from norelem enable vertical and horizontal positioning and movement. The carriage guides can be flexibly adapted to different requirements and are therefore the ideal choice for a wide range of applications in machine and fixture construction such as measuring and control technology.
  • 21000 Positioning systems

    21000 Positioning systems (24)

    Motorised and classic manual positioning systems. Exact positioning in tooling or handling systems is easily facilitated due to the virtually backlash-free guideway of the positioning stages. The slide can be adjusted without having to lock or loosen the spindle, thanks to the spindle being backlash-free.
  • 21000 Motorised positioning table systems

    21000 Motorised positioning table systems (10)

    Electronic positioning stages are versatile, linear systems which are ideal for a traversing and positioning modules. The positioning stages and rotary positioning stages ensure that components, limit switches, sensors, picker arms and stops can be positioned to an accuracy of within hundredths of a millimetre.
  • 21000 Plastic slide guides

    21000 Plastic slide guides (14)

    DryLin® T, DryLin® N, DryLin® W sliding carriages and rails using plastic DryLin bearings. DryLin plastic bearings run on ground shafts or profiled rails, hardly cause any noise. Contrary to conventional ball-bearing guides, the noise level does not increase as the speed increases. Insensitive to dust and ideal for dry running.
  • 21000 Double tube linear actuator

    21000 Double tube linear actuator (2)

    The double-tube linear actiator is a linear guide system with a linear movement control. A threaded spindle mounted on bearings with guide nut between the tubes converts the rotation into linear movement of a guide carriage.
  • 21000 Roller guide rails

    21000 Roller guide rails (7)

    The roller guiding systems from norelem are always used when parts, segments of machines or plants have to be moved along a linear axis for operational, production or logistic reasons.
  • 21000 Telescopic slides

    21000 Telescopic slides (18)

  • Connectors

    Connectors (7)

Linear modules, Lifting units, Rotary modules, Grip modules.