K0581 Kipp stops adjustable, with end postition feedback

Screw and plunger stainless steel 1.4301.
Guide bush stainless steel 1.4112.
Sensor housing stainless steel.

Screw and plunger, bright.
Guide bushing, bright.
Sensor housing, bright.
Inductive sensor:
Relay (NO)
Operating voltage 10 – 30 V DC
Operating current 100 mA
Switching distance 0.8 mm
Protection class: IP 67
Connection type: 0.3 m PUR cable with connector plug
Temperature range: -25°C – +70°C
Approval: CE, c-UL-us

The ensured sensing distance is achieved if the plunger is actuated flush up to the stop surface of the guide bush. The sensor is supplied unassembled.

Installation recommendation: glue in with Loctite 638.

Caution: screw sensor in until it comes to a stop.

End position feedback stops are not suitable for personal protection.

Drawing reference:
5) LED-indicator

BN = brown
BK = black
BU = blue

Special features:

Order No. K0581.080352 K0581.100352 K0581.120352