K1152 Kipp bullseye levels with bead-edged frame

Frame brass.
Bullseye level body polyamide.

Nickel-plated and high-gloss polished.

Bubble levels are used as a type of zero indicator instrument for checking horizontal inclination in e.g. spirit levels, inclinometers, metrology instruments and machine constructions.
– Sensitivity in angular minutes for 2 mm bubble travel
– The bullseye level is calibrated to underside of the flange
– Bead edge with serrations for recessing
– Clear filling
– Black contrast ring
– White level base

Temperature range:
-35 °C up to +55 °C.

– Measure the level body
– Assemble by pressing in a hole that is 0.02 mm – 0.03 mm smaller than the Ø of the level body
– A chamfer on the hole will ease pressing in

Special features:

Order No. K1152.181030 K1152.201230 K1152.281330