K1569 Kipp Telescopic slides, steel for side mounting, full extension, load capacity up to 30 kg

Material: Steel slides. Plastic ball cages. C-steel balls.
Version: Slides electro zinc-plated and trivalent blue passivated. Balls hardened. Load Capacity up to 30kg.
Note for ordering: Supplied in pairs.

On telescopic slides with full extension, the travel is equal to the installed length, which ensures greater comfort and accessibility. Interlocking in closed position. When the release lever is actuated, the drawer can be taken out easily and separated from the guide.

The dynamic load capacity of the telescopic slides indicates the maximum load rating of a vertically mounted slide pair when the entire extension length is used. The specified load capacities refer to the maximum value for 20,000 cycles.

The load capacity of all telescopic slides is tested to DIN EN 15338 Level 1.

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