K1710 Kipp Telescopic slides, steel for side mounting, partial extension, load capacity up to 50 kg

Technical information for telescopic slides
Overview of items telescopic slides

On telescopic slides with partial extension, the travel is less than the installed length. The dynamic load capacity of the telescopic slides indicates the maximum load rating of a vertically mounted slide pair when the entire extension length is used. The load capacity specified is calculated with a slide spacing of 450 mm and is based on the maximum value with 10,000 cycles.

The load capacity is ca. 75% lower by horizontal mounting. The head height of the fastening screws should not exceed 2.5 mm otherwise there is a risk of collision with other parts of the slide.

  • Material: Slides steel. Ball cages steel. Balls, steel.
  • Version: Slides electro zinc-plated. Ball cages steel. Balls hardened.
  • Note for ordering: Sold in pairs.
  • Temperature range: -20°C to +110°C.
  • Advantages: Suitable for flat mounting. Light running. Precise guidance for high lateral stability.

RoHS compliant product