KK001 Kipp Ball knobs configured

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Product Specification Datasheet for KK001 Kipp Ball knobs configured

Material: Thermoplastic (PA12) or alumideVersion:Black, blue, red, green, orange, yellow. By Alumide silver-grey only.Note:

The item can be freely configured using the product configurator.
The size, thread and colour can be freely selected.
This configurator provides virtually unlimited design freedom.

All parts are produced on a customer-specific basis and cannot be exchanged.

Applications:After registering for free (LOGIN), users can access the configurator.
Depending on the browser type (optimised for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Safari), the value can be entered directly via the input fields or modified using the arrow buttons.
Every change made using the arrow buttons affects the product shown in the configurator; if the value is entered via the number field, the configuration changes when the user moves to the next field.
It is possible to upload a LOGO. The logo is positioned at the top of the item in the centre and recessed by around 2 mm. As the data is processed manually, a preview image cannot be generated. A one-off surcharge applies – the amount is stated during the process and included in the price field.
The position of the logo must be confirmed by the customer.
Once the quantity has been entered, the item is moved to the shopping cart, the order process continues and the order is completed.