K0140 Kipp Knurled screws high form steel and stainless steel, DIN 464


Version: Steel, black oxidised. Stainless steel, bright.

Note:* Threads with these lengths have no undercut at the shoulder.

Special features:

Order No. K0140.04X10 K0140.04X16 K0140.04X20 K0140.05X10 K0140.05X16 K0140.05X20 K0140.06X10 K0140.06X16 K0140.06X20 K0140.06X25 K0140.08X16 K0140.08X20 K0140.08X25 K0140.08X30 K0140.10X20 K0140.10X25 K0140.10X30 K0140.10X40 K0140.042X10 K0140.042X16 K0140.042X20 K0140.052X10 K0140.052X16 K0140.052X20 K0140.062X10 K0140.062X16 K0140.062X20 K0140.062X25 K0140.082X16 K0140.082X20 K0140.082X25 K0140.082X30 K0140.102X20 K0140.102X25 K0140.102X30 K0140.102X40