K0145 Kipp Palm grips aluminium, similar to DIN 6335


Version: Vibratory ground or ground and polished.
Grub screw and pin bright.

On request: Blank palm grips (not tumbled).

Drawing reference:

Form A: blank
Form B: drilled through
Form C: blind hole
Form D: tapped and counterbored
Form E: tapped blind hole
Form L: external thread

Order No. K0145.104008 K0145.105010 K0145.106312 K0145.108016 K0145.204008 K0145.205010 K0145.206312 K0145.208016 K0145.2040082 K0145.2050102 K0145.2063122 K0145.2080162 K0145.304008 K0145.305010 K0145.306312 K0145.308016 K0145.3040082 K0145.3050102 K0145.3063122 K0145.3080162 K0145.404008 K0145.405010 K0145.406312 K0145.408016 K0145.4040082 K0145.4050102 K0145.4063122 K0145.4080162 K0145.504008 K0145.505010 K0145.506312 K0145.508016 K0145.5040082 K0145.5050102 K0145.5063122 K0145.5080162 K0145.604008X20 K0145.604008X25 K0145.604008X30 K0145.604008X40 K0145.604008X50 K0145.605010X20 K0145.605010X25 K0145.605010X30 K0145.605010X40 K0145.605010X50 K0145.606312X20 K0145.606312X30 K0145.606312X40 K0145.606312X50