K0173 Kipp handwheel washers

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Product Specification Datasheet for K0173 Kipp handwheel washers

Steel 1.0718.
Stainless steel 1.4305.

Steel black oxidised.
Stainless steel bright.

These washers are used together with DIN EN ISO 2009 or DIN EN ISO 10642 countersunk screws on the end of shafts with keyways to secure handwheels and crank handles.

The washers can be used with the handwheels K0671, K0160, K0161, K0162, K0163, K0164, K0165.

The steel washers are often used as caps for magnets.

Drawing reference:
D3 = for countersunk screw ISO 2009 and ISO 10642

1) countersunk screw ISO 2009 and ISO 10642
2) washer
3) handwheel
4) shaft

Special features:

Order No. K0173.00310 K0173.00313 K0173.00416 K0173.00420 K0173.00522 K0173.00525 K0173.00528 K0173.00632 K0173.00636 K0173.00640 K0173.00645 K0173.00652 K0173.10310 K0173.10313 K0173.10416 K0173.10420 K0173.10522 K0173.10525 K0173.10528 K0173.10632 K0173.10636 K0173.10640 K0173.10645 K0173.10652