K0175 Kipp clamping levers non-adjustable

Handle fibreglass reinforced plastic.
Steel parts grade 5.8.

Handle black grey, steel parts blue passivated.

Non-adjustable clamping levers can be used for simple applications. Generally, there must be enough space so that the lever can be rotated through 360°.

On request:
Special versions.

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Order No. K0175.104000 K0175.105000 K0175.106000 K0175.208000 K0175.310000 K0175.412000 K0175.516000 K0175.105X K0175.106X K0175.208X K0175.310X K0175.412X K0175.516X K0175.106001 K0175.208001 K0175.310001 K0175.412001 K0175.516001 K0175.105002 K0175.206002 K0175.308002 K0175.410002 K0175.512002