K1317 Kipp Clamping levers with external thread and collar for hygienic areas


High-gloss polished.

Clamping lever designed for the hygienic sector. The completely closed grip part and the shaft seal prevent contamination of the lever internal workings. Additionally, the screw insert has a conical collar so that the fastening point can be hygienically sealed with the Hygienic USIT® sealing and shim washer.
Due to the extremely high surface finish quality of much less than Ra 0.8 µm, hardly any dirt particles adhere to the surface. The highly polished surfaces enable easy cleaning
At rest, the lever is freely rotatable. Unintended opening of the lever is excluded. The toothing is protected against high wear for mounting on vibrating elements.

On request:

Other screw lengths and inch threads.


Hygienic USIT® sealing and shim washer K1491.

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