K0260 Kipp Knurled knobs

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Product Specification Datasheet for K0260 Kipp Knurled knobs

Product description: NOVO grip knurled knobs are characterized by their wide range of applications and outstanding design. The ergonomically designed knurled wheel guarantees absolutely secure and perfect handling.

Material: Black thermoplastic.
Bush and screw grade 5.8 steel.

Version: Steel trivalent blue passivated.Note:

Drawing reference:

Form D: tapped bush without cap
Form K: tapped bush with cap
Form E: reamed bush without cap
Form H: reamed bush with cap
Form L: external thread

Special features:

Order No. K0260.1105 K0260.1106 K0260.1108 K0260.1208 K0260.1210 K0260.1310 K0260.1312 K0260.2105 K0260.21055 K0260.21056 K0260.21057 K0260.2106 K0260.21065 K0260.21066 K0260.21067 K0260.2108 K0260.21085 K0260.21086 K0260.21087 K0260.2208 K0260.22085 K0260.22086 K0260.22087 K0260.2210 K0260.22105 K0260.22106 K0260.22107 K0260.2310 K0260.23105 K0260.23106 K0260.23107 K0260.2312 K0260.23125 K0260.23126 K0260.23127 K0260.3106 K0260.3208 K0260.3310 K0260.4106 K0260.41065 K0260.41066 K0260.41067 K0260.4208 K0260.42085 K0260.42086 K0260.42087 K0260.4310 K0260.43105 K0260.43106 K0260.43107 K0260.5105X10 K0260.51055X10 K0260.51056X10 K0260.51057X10 K0260.5105X20 K0260.51055X20 K0260.51056X20 K0260.51057X20 K0260.5105X40 K0260.51055X40 K0260.51056X40 K0260.51057X40 K0260.5106X10 K0260.51065X10 K0260.51066X10 K0260.51067X10 K0260.5106X20 K0260.51065X20 K0260.51066X20 K0260.51067X20 K0260.5106X40 K0260.51065X40 K0260.51066X40 K0260.51067X40 K0260.5108X15 K0260.51085X15 K0260.51086X15 K0260.51087X15 K0260.5108X30 K0260.51085X30 K0260.51086X30 K0260.51087X30 K0260.5108X60 K0260.51085X60 K0260.51086X60 K0260.51087X60 K0260.5208X15 K0260.52085X15 K0260.52086X15 K0260.52087X15 K0260.5208X30 K0260.52085X30 K0260.52086X30 K0260.52087X30 K0260.5208X60 K0260.52085X60 K0260.52086X60 K0260.52087X60 K0260.5210X20 K0260.52105X20 K0260.52106X20 K0260.52107X20 K0260.5210X30 K0260.52105X30 K0260.52106X30 K0260.52107X30 K0260.5210X60 K0260.52105X60 K0260.52106X60 K0260.52107X60 K0260.5310X20 K0260.53105X20 K0260.53106X20 K0260.53107X20 K0260.5310X30 K0260.53105X30 K0260.53106X30 K0260.53107X30 K0260.5310X60 K0260.53105X60 K0260.53106X60 K0260.53107X60 K0260.5312X30 K0260.53125X30 K0260.53126X30 K0260.53127X30 K0260.5312X60 K0260.53125X60 K0260.53126X60 K0260.53127X60