K0262 Kipp knurled knobs with grip

Black thermoplastic.
Bush grade 5.8 steel.

Steel trivalent blue passivated.

Drawing reference:
Form H: without locking grub screw
Form M: with locking grub screw

Special features:

Order No. K0262.2106 K0262.21061 K0262.21062 K0262.21063 K0262.21065 K0262.21066 K0262.21067 K0262.2206 K0262.22061 K0262.22062 K0262.22063 K0262.22065 K0262.22066 K0262.22067 K0262.2308 K0262.23081 K0262.23082 K0262.23083 K0262.23085 K0262.23086 K0262.23087 K0262.1106 K0262.11061 K0262.11062 K0262.11063 K0262.11065 K0262.11066 K0262.11067 K0262.1206 K0262.12061 K0262.12062 K0262.12063 K0262.12065 K0262.12066 K0262.12067 K0262.1308 K0262.13081 K0262.13082 K0262.13083 K0262.13085 K0262.13086 K0262.13087