K0279 Kipp Five lobe grips

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Product Specification Datasheet for K0279 Kipp Five lobe grips

Product description: The material and form lend this grip a natural and secure gripping effect.

Material, version: Grip black hard thermoplastic.
Coating black soft thermoplastic.
Tapped bush brass.
Screw electro zinc-plated steel grade 5.8.
Note:SYMPA TOUCH five lobe grips are available in 3 sizes with internal and external threads.

On request: Other screw sizes, screw lengths, versions and colours.

Special features:

Order No. K0279.4005 K0279.4006 K0279.4008 K0279.4010 K0279.5006 K0279.5008 K0279.5010 K0279.6006 K0279.6008 K0279.6010 K0279.4006X15 K0279.4006X20 K0279.4006X25 K0279.4006X35 K0279.4008X16 K0279.4008X25 K0279.4008X35 K0279.4010X20 K0279.4010X30 K0279.4010X40 K0279.4010X50 K0279.5006X15 K0279.5006X20 K0279.5006X25 K0279.5006X35 K0279.5008X16 K0279.5008X25 K0279.5008X35 K0279.5010X30 K0279.5010X40 K0279.5010X50 K0279.6006X15 K0279.6006X20 K0279.6006X25 K0279.6006X35 K0279.6008X16 K0279.6008X25 K0279.6008X35 K0279.6010X20 K0279.6010X30 K0279.6010X40 K0279.6010X50