K0428 Kipp levelling feet plates ECO die-cast zinc, stainless steel or plastic

Plate thermoplastic, die-cast zinc or stainless steel 1.4305.
Anti-slip plate thermoplastic elastomer.

Thermoplastic plate black.
Die-cast zinc plate blue electro zinc-plated.
Stainless steel plate bright.

ECO levelling feet consist of a plate and a threaded spindle. Any plate can be combined with any threaded spindle.
The anti-slip plate absorbs vibrations and prevents the levelling foot slipping.
For matching threaded spindles see K0429.

Drawing reference:
Form A without anti-slip plate
Form B with anti-slip plate

Special features:

Order No. K0428.10301 K0428.10401 K0428.10501 K0428.20301 K0428.20401 K0428.20501 K0428.10302 K0428.10402 K0428.10502 K0428.20302 K0428.20402 K0428.20502 K0428.10303 K0428.10403 K0428.10503 K0428.20303 K0428.20403 K0428.20503